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Getting Started… It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3

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The Kentucky Work Ready Community program has the ability to transform a community. It encourages counties to take a credible inventory of the current and future workforce, identify the gaps and carry out strategies to achieve a more knowledgeable, trained workforce.

Getting started on this transformation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…




 1. Get Organized 

1. Review the Work Ready Community Application | Work Ready Community In Progress Application

2. Form a committee or consider using an existing community committee, such as a P-16 Council, and select a Committee Leader.

3. Submit your county’s Letter of Intent (PDF) to participate


Engage business and industry as much as possible during this step.

Keep sign in sheets and meeting notes from all meetings, calls and events. You can submit these as part of your Community Commitment evidence.

 2. Inquire/Inform 

1. Review your county’s data (Available on the Resources page of the web site)

2. Committee leader should assign tasks.

• Create sub-committee leads and teams for each of the criteria.

3. Committee leader should establish and manage a timeline and subcommittee goals.


Don’t be discouraged if you discover there is a lot of work to do. Remember, success only comes before work in the dictionary, not life.

 3. Write Your Application 

1. Committee leader should select the application editor.

2. Draft of the sub-committee plans submitted to editor, to compile the complete application.

3. Committee Leader should submit final application

• All committee members should have the opportunity to review and comment before submitting the application.


Be innovative, the panel looks for creativity and unique approaches to challenges.



Application Review Timeline

Best Practices

Data/Technical Resources

Supplemental Data