Getting Started

​The Kentucky Work Ready Community program has the ability to transform a community. It encourages counties to take a credible inventory of the current and future workforce, identify the gaps and carry out strategies to achieve a more knowledgeable, trained workforce.

​Getting started on this transformation is as easy as 1, 2, 3…

 1. Get Organized

  • Review the Work Ready Community ApplicationWork Ready Community In Progress Application

  • Form a committee or consider using an existing community committee, such as a P-16 Council, and select a Committee Leader.

  • Submit your county’s Letter of Intent (PDF) to participate within 30 days of initially starting the committee process.

  • Engage business and industry as much as possible during this step.

  • Keep sign in sheets and meeting notes from all meetings, calls and events. You can submit these as part of your Community Commitment evidence.

 2. Inquire/Inform 

  • Review your county’s data (Available on the Work Ready Dashboard, which is published by KYSTATS and updated every year).

  • Committee leader should assign tasks.

  • Create sub-committee leads and teams for each of the criteria. Committee leader should establish and manage a timeline and subcommittee goals.

  • Don’t be discouraged if you discover there is a lot of work to do. Remember, success only comes before work in the dictionary, not life.

 3. Write Your Application 

  • Committee leader should select the application editor.

  • Draft of the sub-committee plans submitted to editor, to compile the complete application.

  • Committee Leader should submit final application.

  • All committee members should have the opportunity to review and comment before submitting the application.

  • Be innovative, the panel looks for creativity and unique approaches to challenges.