​Applicants are encouraged to take advantage of a variety of resources to assist in the completion of required narratives. Best practices have been identified by the review panel and highlighted here along with links to data sources and presentations from the 2013 Best Practices Summit.

We also have a communications toolkit to assist counties with telling their story and building support for the initiative.

High School Graduation Rates – David Meinschein , Ballard County SchoolsCommunity Commitment – Martha Williams, Martin County Schools

National Career Readiness Certificates – Sara Brown, Russell County Schools

Educational Attainment & GED – Sue Patrick, CPE, Project Graduate- Heather Roy, Murray State University- Cristina Marsh - Trimble County Adult Education – GED Requirements

Soft Skills – Ken Robinson, Muhlenberg Alliance for Progress - Lori Ulrich, Fleming County

Internet Availability – René True, ConnectKentucky - Randy Grogan, Ballard Telephone Co.

Recertification – Robert Curry, Education and Workforce Development Cabinet

Best Practices

The review panel has selected a few examples from various application packages which exemplify the types of plans, narratives and collaboration they look for when reviewing applications for Work Ready Communities certifications. A few complete applications are also included here as models for other communities to review.

Please click on the section below for samples of best practices for that criterion.